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The Team

Click through our Employee Spotlights to learn more about our team and what motivates them.

  • team-doug-greenhut.jpg

    Doug Greenhut

  • team-corrine-cooper-fixed.jpg

    Corinne Cooper

  • team-roni-wright.jpg

    Roni Wright

  • team-missy-kilkpatrick.jpg

    Missy Kilkpatrick

  • team-debbie-braunstein-fixed.jpg

    Debbie Braunstein

  • team-joe-jehle.jpg

    Joe Jehle

  • team-missy-salaam.jpg

    Missy Salaam

  • team-sheila-restivo.jpg

    Sheila Restivo

  • team-vinh-lee.jpg

    Vinh Lee

  • team-nick-martinez.jpg

    Nick Martinez

  • team-eddy-porta-1.jpg

    Eddy Porta

  • team-anthony-hoblit.jpg

    Anthony Hoblit

  • team-markell-henry.jpg

    Markell Henry

  • team-tiffany-taylor.jpg

    Tiffany Taylor

  • team-heather-mckay.jpg

    Heather McKay

Culture & Values

Our unique business model and casual culture has attracted an eclectic mix of great people.
All of these unique individuals are connected by one common thread
the desire to express themselves and be heard. And we listen.

Long ago, we tossed away the old corporate rule book and we set out to write our own. The result?
For six consecutive years, we have been rated among the best companies to work for
in the promotional product industry.

Our respectful work environment has created a dedicated team that produces superior results for our clients.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to ensure that our clients' promotions stand out, make a lasting impact and are remembered.
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, we are committed to helping you express
your messages and reinforce your brand through the unique power of words, ideas and thoughts.

About Us
Redhead Labs