Roni Wright


Roni Wright

Vice President

Some may know me as an industry volunteer, speaker, PPAI Board Member or former chair of the Education Foundation PPEF. You may know I’m an advocate for women, healthy living, and consultative selling, and at any industry event, you might find me sharing my love of books and journals.

What do I do when I’m not at work? Yoga! It’s changed everything inside and out! Yoga also brought me to India twice (a place I never thought would be on my bucket list). I also love to hike and camp out in the wilderness. Did you know that I’d rather skip staying at a nice hotel and opt for a tent and dehydrated meal? A few years ago, my family stepped out of our comfort zone and did a 175-mile trek near Lake Tahoe. My husband and I were so inspired by that adventure that we’ve had many others since and are planning more adventures for the future.

Regardless of whether I’m tucked into my bed or my sleeping bag, you can count on the fact that I always end the day with a good book!