Doug Greenhut


Doug Greenhut

Owner and President

I always knew I would be a business owner. When I was growing up, my father owned and operated a manufacturing business in Cleveland, Ohio. I couldn’t wait to go to work with my dad on the weekends to help count inventory, assemble boxes in the factory and especially sit at his desk where I practiced signing my signature over and over with his felt tip pen.

I didn’t realize then what I know now. Owning a successful business isn’t just about offering unique products or providing great service. And it definitely isn’t just about making money. The Book Company is a success because of its’ people! That may sound cliché, but it’s true to me. Every individual that walks through our door or logs in from their desk at home each morning, gifts us with their special talents and unique strengths.

So stop reading about me… go on, read about the other awesome people on this page. They make the magic happen…