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The Creative Portrait (A Photographer's Guide to Innovative Lighting and Camera Techniques)

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Expected release date is Nov 30th 2021
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Go beyond the photographic conventions, break the rules, and create compelling portraits.

While the ability to create a conventional, traditional portrait is a must-have skill for any photographer of people, it can often yield a fairly predictable result: a straightforward likeness of the subject, created with a flattering lens in flattering light with a flattering composition. The subject may be pleased with the results, but it’s not a very interesting photograph. And in the constant, endless stream of images we consume daily, the portrait is likely forgotten as quickly as it appeared.

A truly creative portrait comes from the two-sided exchange between the subject and the photographer, with both parties working together to create an image that goes beyond the simple representation of the subject. The end result is not an image that simply breaks the rules—it’s an engaging photograph that both captures the essence of the subject and compels the viewer to stop and take notice.

In The Creative Portrait, photographer and author Nick Fancher walks you through a plethora of ideas and techniques for making such creative work. Known for imagery that is bold, colorful, expressive, and widely varied, Nick has built a career by going against the grain. The result has been a consistent output of innovative and striking photographs.

In this book, Nick will help you go beyond the conventional approach and explore the endless possibilities that come with intentionally breaking the rules. He’ll teach you all about:

    • The gear he uses, and his overall approach to shooting
    • Why it’s so important to practice photographing paper, plastic, and plants
    • Multiple long exposure techniques for creating unique and expressive images
    • Blocking, directing, and concentrating light with cookies, flags, gobos, and snoots
    • Shooting through glass for numerous creative effects
    • How he employs smoke, mirrors, and projectors in his work
    • And much more

Throughout the book, Nick includes behind-the-scenes photos and diagrams of his shoots, as well as Lightroom post-processing techniques so you can follow along. He also includes over a dozen creative prompts to actively push you to go beyond your own comfort zone in your photography in order to create compelling portraiture.

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