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GOLF...THE GREAT REVEALER! (Will adversity make you…or break you?)

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    Steve Williams
    BookBaby (April 21, 2022)
    6" x 9" x 0.9"
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  • Overview

    In Williams' debut book "GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER," one learns that playing golf will reveal one's weaknesses and strengths, both mentally and physically. One must pay attention if they are to benefit from what is displayed. Additionally, character traits, habits, problem-solving skills, and many other fascinating things that most golfers overlook are discussed.
    Would you like to know:
    •Why and how anybody in decent health can build a tour quality swing?
    •The #1 reason golfers don't improve?
    •The #1 thing any golfer hoping to become world-class must know? Socrates knew 2500 years ago because he was wise!
    Here are more fantastic things one will learn in "GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER!
    •How to learn and profit from every difficulty you face on the golf course.
    •There is something that everybody has within them that will bring success or ensure defeat and failure in golf or life, and it is entirely in one's control.
    •The single most essential mindset one can have while playing golf to play to their potential.
    •Why high school boys are the slowest group to learn from their mistakes and why they set themselves up to choke under pressure.
    •Two destructive words cause golfers to crater in their rounds of golf and bring unhappiness in life.
    •There is something that all touring pros try to do on every shot they hit. However, few amateur golfers do it. Why? They don't know what the touring pros know.
    •There is a statement golfers frequently make that sets them up to learn nothing from their mistakes.
    •Almost everybody frustrated with their golf game, or life often makes a mistake that guarantees they will multiply their troubles? Learn what it is and why it is so destructive.
    •Nothing can replace this element in developing a strong game. No matter one's level in golf, it will always be the most essential ingredient. Parents need to make sure their children understand its importance.
    •Ever heard of "playing golf on the edge?" It is one of the secrets to making golf and life fun and exciting again if you have found yourself frustrated with either.
    •Competitive golfers love competition but hate it when they keep making the same mistakes under pressure. One mistake controls them every time they reach a certain level of frustration. It happens when their emotions control them. Learn to rise above!
    •Most golfers are not disciplined enough to not be distracted by a competitor who plays much better or worse than them. It happens because they don't know who their competitor is. Even touring pros sometimes make this mistake.
    •One of the best abilities one can have in golf or life is dealing with criticism correctly. Sometimes our most needed advice might come through the lips of someone rude, sarcastic, or clumsy in their delivery. Don't toss it aside just because you don't like their approach.
    •There is a tendency everybody has from birth. That tendency is to feel sorry for oneself when one is knocked to the ground figuratively or literally. Then they start believing four words that will slowly destroy them. Read about a lady who dealt with such horrific problems that she fell into that trap. Learn how she came through it and finally helped thousands of others not to fall into that trap. What are those four words that keep golfers or anybody in life from being victorious?
    •Can you imagine feeling excited every day about how tomorrow's events will bring you more peace, contentment, and excitement about golf and life?
    Do you mean all of these things are contained in one book? Yes, along with much more, and anybody can start changing their golf games and lives as they read it!
    "GOLF…THE GREAT REVEALER" will help anybody understand why they are struggling. It will help anybody reprogram their mind to benefit from difficulties rather than becoming frustrated and cynical. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can control our responses. Our thoughts, words, and actions will determine the path of the rest of our lives. We be