Corinne Cooper


Corinne Cooper

Sales Director

When I was seven years-old, I sat in my driveway at a lemonade-stand table selling… BOOKS! $0.50/ ea. or 3/$1. It seems bookselling was in the cards for me from the start!

I still remember the very first book I read without illustrations, and I can vividly see the face of the elementary school teacher who inspired me to read fervently with books by Roald Dahl and poetry by Robert Frost. It’s no surprise that I’m so at home working for a company that sells books. The creativity of selling books into the niche industry of promotional products, with every published title at our disposal, is just magical to me. I also journaled zealously as a teenager and young adult, so being involved in the process today of creating our stock and custom journals brings me joy too!

Other magical things in my life include my husband & daughter, preparing and enjoying good foods, camping, and spending time with true friends.